Foresight Data Consultants

About Foresight

Data Consultancy specialising in Magazine Subscriptions

Why Foresight

Foresight is a specialist subscription analytics agency. Our user-friendly forecast models and reporting tools allow marketers to make informed decisions about their subscription business.

Working with over 30 subscription businesses, we fully understand the subscription market and the challenges faced.

Company Overview

Since inception in 2016, Foresight has grown to become one of the magazine and newspaper publishing industries’ leading analytical agencies, working with over 350 brands across 4 continents.

With a main area of expertise in subscription forecasting and reporting, we have adapted our focus to other subscription-based start-ups and industries.

Dave Scott

Founder and Managing Director of Foresight Data, Dave has over 20 years of experience in the subscriptions industry. Dave set up Foresight in 2016 and has successfully grown the business from a handful of clients to more than 20. Never one to leave an analytical question unanswered, hunting for the single version of the truth. Usually found around a cricket ground with his 2 sons.

Dave Scott

simon young

Foresight’s first employee, Simon has been with Foresight since 2017 and a senior analyst since 2020. Working primarily within forecasting and ad-hoc analysis, Simon has developed his analytical knowledge through a plethora of subscription clients. Usually found befriending the local cats, or putting his colleagues to sleep discussing craft beer.

Simon Young

alice davies

Alice joined Foresight in mid 2021, having graduated from the University of Southampton. With a passion for all things maths and analytics from her degree, she quickly gained experience by applying this mindset to all things reporting and data, gaining promotion to senior marketing analyst in 2023. Usually found with a feather boa en route to Harry Styles, or at Stamford Bridge with head in hands.

Alice Davies

ffion lewis

Ffion joined Foresight in early 2022 having graduated with a Masters from Cardiff University, and has taken to helping manage the reporting suite with aplomb. With a keen eye for all things numbers and words in tandem, Ffion gained promotion to marketing analyst in 2022. Usually found co-ordinating the next social event.

Ffion Lewis

nick lo

Nick joined Foresight in Summer 2022 having studied Forecasting in his Business degree from the University of Portsmouth. Quickly applying these learnt skills to his analyst role, Nick gained promotion in June 2023 having excelled at forecasting and ad-hoc analysis. Usually found pounding the turf as a commanding centre back for his Sunday league side.

Nick Lo

Customer Testimonial

“I have worked with Foresight for over 10 years in various companies. The knowledge and actionable insight they provide has proved invaluable every time.”

Karen Sharp – Head of Retention Bauer