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Forecasting Overview

Working with clients across numerous industries (including Publishing, TV & Media, and start-ups), Foresight has built and developed a suite of highly accurate forecasting products, available to license.

Using past subscription performance, we apply single and multi-variate analysis to split all subscribers by a multitude of key metrics, including but not limited to trials, tenure, payment method and payment frequency.

Our models will contain over 1,000 unique renewal rates which enables us to forecast to more than 99% accuracy.

Forecasting Solutions

Foresight Data


In-depth model used by over 200 brands. Our individual forecast models tend to be used for large to medium titles where there is a stakeholder focus on deviation from issue to issue. Can be used for titles of any time period e.g. monthly, weekly, bi-weekly etc.

Foresight Data


A model built for clients with unique requirements. These are applicable for titles of a specialised nature with niche churn behaviours.

Particularly useful for startups or building a subscription business case.

Foresight Data


For clients with a large number of brands and products but with small subscription files, we have developed a solution which forecasts multiple brands in 1 spreadsheet.  This allows businesses to forecast their entire subscription business quickly, efficiently and accurately.


Foresight Data


Our LTV models use similar logic to our forecasting – using clients’ historical data to predict the future lifetime value of individual customers or large cohort of customers.

  • Gives you the ability to make informed business decisions and develop data-driven strategies
  • Allows for more accurate budgeting
  • Helps discover the ‘Why, Where, When and How’ of your sales activities
  • Opportunity for growth and increased income
  • Lowers liabilities and markdowns
  • Provides incentives for new product development

Customer Testimonial

“Foresight provide us with highly accurate forecasting and insightful business reports across our portfolio market leading magazine subscription brands. Dave and his team bring with them a wealth of expertise and knowledge, and overlay this with a real passion for subscriptions and a desire to understand our business objectives.”

James Hill – Senior Consumer Revenue Director, Hearst

Forecasting Clients include…

new scientist
investors chronicle
london review of books
hello magazine
haymarket publications
william reed
hearst media
time magazine
which publication
big issue
our media


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