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Pricing – Strategy

Using your data and our knowledge to maximise your subscription revenues.

Our Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategy

Pricing Analysis

Using your data, we produce a simple (but effective) report to analyse the volume, revenue, and yield of your current subscribers. This report, called Price by Tenure, shows subscribers grouped together by payment method (or region), tenure and pricing bands.


We use this Price by Tenure report to highlight and discuss groups of subscribers that are the most effective to price rise/step up. In addition, this shows other fixed term subscribers who are underpaying.

Scenario Modelling

Using Price Elasticity calculations, your data, and Foresight’s forecast models, we create an optimum pricing strategy. The number of strategies produced are endless, allowing for multiple scenarios including a variety of churn assumptions and price rises.


Once a decision has been made on which scenario the business will follow, the changes are rolled out. We can then track any additional churn implications/impact on volume, revenue, and yield through reporting (outlined next).


We use a Price Rise report to track cancellation rate and average price rise amount and/or revenue increase, to provide a Price Elasticity calculation outlining the effectiveness of any changes made.

Customer Testimonial

“I have worked with the Foresight team across different publishers and data sources, and cannot fault their translation of complex data sets into easy to understand reports, along with additional trends and performance insight.”

Abi Spooner – Strategy Partner, Atlas

Price Rise Modelling

Pricing Strategy Clients include…

new scientist
investors chronicle
hello magazine
hearst media


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