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Reporting – Overview

Creating a Single Version of the Truth to unlock the true potential of your subscription customers

Reporting Overview

Creating a Single Version of the Truth to unlock the true potential of your subscription customers. Our reports are created and delivered to you in one easy-to-use, interactive spreadsheet, which is tailored to display the statistics that will best support your business decisions.

We report on key subscription metrics (acquisition, retention, churn etc) broken down by a variety of insightful variables such as tenure, payment method, acquisition channel, and many more. Each report is bespoke and unique to you. They can be altered at any time, ensuring they are supportive tools to assist any development in strategy.

Our team are always accessible by phone or email to answer any questions or queries you may have.

6 Core Reports

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Acquisition reports meticulously monitor acquisition volume, enabling effective analysis and segmentation using filters. By dissecting the cohort, you can discern the most impactful acquisition methods, while also identifying any obsolete approaches. This invaluable insight empowers businesses to optimise acquisition strategies and adapt to evolving market dynamics.

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Gain insights into subscription cancellations: analysing cancellation data across publication title, payment type, cancellation month, and cancellation code. Understanding the patterns and reasons behind cancellations enable proactive measures to address underlying issues, leading to improved subscriber retention and reduced churn.

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Renewal reports showcase the volume of subscribers who successfully renew their subscriptions. Additionally, these reports can be generated at an annualised churn level. By examining renewal and churn data, businesses can gain valuable insights into subscriber behaviour, optimise retention strategies, and make informed decisions to enhance customer loyalty and subscription renewal rates.

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Price rise reports enable comprehensive tracking of customer cohorts across various price increase levels. These reports provide valuable insights into the performance and response of different customer cohorts to price rises. Leveraging these insights, businesses can effectively strategise future price increases, ensuring maximum revenue generation while minimising potential customer churn.

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Similar to renewal and churn reports, annualised churn reports give perspective on how customers are retaining at yearly intervals. This annualised view enables easy comparison among different cohorts, helping to determine which strategy generates subscribers with the highest loyalty to the brand. This long-term approach to monitoring retention and churn supports a focus on maintaining the size of your brand’s portfolio, thereby developing a reliable subscription base that will be less volatile to future price rises.

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Alongside our standard reporting, we offer bespoke reporting solutions that are uniquely tailored to your needs. We can provide detailed insight on the performance of your marketing campaigns, as well as data-driven feedback on campaign testing so you can make final decisions that are fully informed. If you have a query that’s outside the realm of our standard reporting suite, please get in touch.

Customer Testimonial

“We have worked with Foresight for many years, and they have provided weekly and monthly reporting to help us identify channel effectiveness and cohort analysis which are valuable to our marketing strategy and KPI performance and reporting.”

Lauren Drew – Head of Marketing, Subscription, FT

Reporting Clients include…

new scientist
DC Thomson
investors chronicle
london review of books
the spectator
hello magazine
bauer media group


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